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Ziba, the pride of Afghanistan.

Dedicated to the sustainable promotion of Afghanistan's agricultural heritage, Ziba Foods are independent purveyors of rare fruits and nuts as diverse and exotic as Afghanistan itself. Our mission is simple: to introduce people to the splendors of one of the world's most inaccessible countries while actively working to improve the lives of its women and rural farmers. ښه راغلاست 

Exotic heirlooms from the crossroads of the world.

Cradled between Europe and Asia, Afghanistan's ancient nut and fruit varieties have been the fabled foods of Paradise for centuries. Nearly forgotten in the West, today Ziba brings these same heirlooms to you — like Shakhurbai almonds, Kandahar figs, and white Hindu Kush mulberries. But these rare Afghan varieties are more than just exotic, they've also retained the exquisite flavors and bionutrients unmatched in their conventional counterparts. Taste what you've been missing. 


Foods that nourish.
Flavors that inspire. 

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A little company with a big vision.

Ziba isn't just quality products, we're also a quality company: sourcing all our fruits and nuts directly from local farmers and co-operatives to ensure the rural and agricultural communities of Afghanistan are improving every day. 

Credit: SAC Neil Chapman (RAF)/MOD

Credit: SAC Neil Chapman (RAF)/MOD


Planting the seeds of hope.

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Ziba is committed to Afghanistan's most important resource — its women. 

The unemployment rate for women in Afghanistan is a staggering 95%. We're trying to change that. In an industry that's seasonal, women in agriculture are the most vulnerable. Not only do we pay our female workers a living wage, we provide them with a regular salary all year long — even during the off months. We teach our women English, all aspects of production, and encourage everyone to take an active role in her company. At first glance, it may look like just a job, but we're empowering Afghan women with the skills and resources they need to help their families, their communities, and their future.


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