The Ziba Story

We named our company Ziba after the word beautiful. Beautiful because for centuries, the fruits and nuts of Afghanistan have been revered as the best in the world. And beautiful because we wanted to create a business that put social responsibility before profit.


Ziba was founded in 2010 by three socially-conscious entrepreneurs. We like to joke that inspiration hit us one night over dinner, but in truth, it all started with a handful of nuts. 

At a time when Afghanistan was still one of the most inaccessible countries in the world, one of our founders was staying with friends in the country's almond region. To say those Afghan almonds were life-changing would be an understatement. One taste was all it took to set a plan into motion.

Not long after the United States entered Afghanistan, it invested billions replanting the native nut trees because it understood how they were the lifeblood of the country. We wanted to take it one step further—to not just support the agricultural economy, but bypass corrupt middlemen and reach out to local farmers and women directly. What started with almonds expanded into other rare and heirloom nuts and fruits. We knew we couldn’t change society, but if we could provide support to the people who were most vulnerable... maybe we could.


Today, not even 10 years old, and we’re already having an impact. Like actively supporting Afghan women: a demographic with 95% unemployment. In Afghanistan, agricultural work is seasonal, but we keep everyone on staff and busy throughout the year —learning English, training on all types of new equipment and being involved in our ongoing work to find new and exciting products to bring to the market.

So that's us in a nutshell. A little company trying to make a lot of good. 

                              Thanks for being a part of it.



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